Here is the beehive …

We popped open our backyard hives this evening to check their progress. The bunch pictured above are from the new hive we got a week and a half ago. It’s a young hive, which is why you see so many empty cells. The capped cells in the picture have bee larvae in them.

Ron lifts one of the frames out of the hive.

Our neighbor Michael saw us tromping around in our bee suits and came out to watch the proceedings. Before he went back in, he offered to take our picture, which I appreciated, because I don’t have a lot of pictures of the two of us together … and I didn’t have any pictures of us together in our suits. (Thanks, Michael!)

Ron’s suit consists of an old set of coveralls and a new Alexander veil that he just bought this year. It works OK but is kind of a hassle to put on. My suit is brand-new — I just got it last fall — and the veil is built right into the hood, which makes it much easier to get into and out of.

We’re going out to check our hives at Living Kitchen and Nuyaka Farm tomorrow.

Our new hive here at the House of the Lifted Lorax is rearing a new queen. We’re not sure what happened to the old one, but we didn’t see any larvae or eggs, and there were only a few capped cells. Ron thinks maybe the queen died. That’s sad, but the ratio of drones to workers seemed awfully high to me, so I think maybe the old queen’s demise will turn out to be a blessing for the rest of the colony.

Our established hive looked pretty good. The girls didn’t appreciate the intrusion, so we didn’t get too nosy, but it looks like we’re going to need to add another super. They’re not the most docile bees I’ve been around, but they’re very healthy and productive, and they make absolutely wonderful honey. I’m looking forward to a bigger harvest this year.

Hope your Sunday was as interesting as ours….