Road trippin’

I had occasion to carpool to Springfield, Mo., today with some friends. On the way back — somewhere between Bois D’Arc and Halltown — one of them decided she wanted some ice cream.

I happened to know that the best Route 66 soda fountain this side of South Pasadena was just up the road in Webb City, so we got off the interstate at our earliest convenience and headed for the Bradbury Bishop Deli.

Unfortunately, it was closed by the time we arrived … but being the resourceful roadie that I am, I also happened to know that Four Women on the Route in Galena, Kan., was staying open late for a cruise-in event this evening. I happened to know that one of the girls had mentioned that her grandson was crazy about the movie Cars. And I happened to know that the truck that inspired the character of Tow Mater in Cars was parked in front of Four Women on the Route … so three women cruised 66 to Galena to see the Four Women.

My friend Donna and I enjoyed our smoothies at Four Women on the Route.

Our friend Jana — whose ice-cream craving inspired this side trip — had a bowl of warm brownie bites with two scoops of ice cream melting on top. Mmmm….

Dean “Crazy Legs” Walker gave us a partial demonstration of his famous foot trick while we posed for a photo op in front of “Tow Tater.”

Predictably, I didn’t have my camera out for the most memorable moment of the afternoon — the moment when the First Lady of Country Fiddle exchanged autographs with the man whose feet inspired Mater’s driving-backwards trick.

I did, however, have my camera out yesterday afternoon, when a trip to Catoosa in search of pond plants degenerated into a pointless drive down 66 to Afton. I started to come back by way of the turnpike but made a last-minute decision to take the Big Cabin exit when I noticed a construction zone looming ahead. I wound up taking U.S. 60 from Big Cabin to Nowata and then dropped south on 169 back to Tulsa, bagging photos of two more attractions in the process:

Giant Indian chief at Big Cabin.

Bowling ball madness in Nowata. A small, handmade sign that reads “BOWLING BALL YARD ART” directs travelers off U.S. 60 and onto a somewhat rugged backroad to find this bit of folk art.

Oh … and for the record, that brings my tally to 54 down and 66 to go on that list of attractions for Oklahoma.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, too. 🙂