Sorry I’ve been scarce the last couple of days. I’m putting the final edits on the Trip Guide to get it ready for press, and I had a busy weekend, so I haven’t had much time to blog.

Sunday was absolutely crazy — church in the morning, hymn sing and tour celebrating First Church’s centennial in the afternoon, trip to the zoo after the church thing (we were trying to attend an Earth Day event, but I got my wires crossed about the day and location, so we just went to the new Feather Fest exhibit and fed a big flock of budgies instead), and then I spent part of the evening shooting pictures at Lyrics on the Lawn and helping Gary and Linda and Shanna take everything down and pack it up afterwards. Got home around 9:30 and worked on the Trip Guide until bedtime.

I had this afternoon off. I spent part of it in a meeting, part of it at the Reading Room, and part of it picking up a few groceries at Wild Oats and cleaning out the fridge to make room for them. Hope your Monday was productive.


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