Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay

RedFork Main Street had a cleanup day along Southwest Boulevard (Route 66) this morning. I was in Chandler really late, working on the Trip Guide, but I was back home and in bed by 2:30 or so, which gave me about four and a half hours of sleep before Ron and I had to be at the office to pick up some stuff so we could help Katy set up the volunteer sign-in table and stuff.

We got done at noon, went to lunch at 12:30, and headed out to the garden at 1 p.m. to start putting tomatoes in the ground. We’ve planted everything except the peppers, which can’t go out until the overnight temperatures are consistently in the 50s (probably mid-May). Our garden this year includes:

Sixteen different varieties of tomatoes (I have NO restraint when we go to the Tomato Man’s place)
Four varieties of cucumbers
Spaghetti squash
Lots of herbs
Two kinds of carrots
Brussels sprouts
Blackberries (the brambles are well-established and are already loaded with buds this year)
A wildflower mix we got for free from Burt’s Bees

I was happy that my golden thyme — a present from Mom last summer — had survived the winter, and my rosemary seems to be coming back. The mint is coming up in the front, too. I like the way the mint grows. It’s in the front flowerbeds, and it gets big and sort of spills out of them, so when you walk by, you brush against it and make the leaves release that lovely mint smell. It’s awesome.

I have dirt under my nails and little scratch marks on my arms and a pink sunburn across my nose and I’m tired and dirty and hot and happy.

I hope you’re happy, too, wherever you are.



3 thoughts on “Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay”

  1. what a lovely day you had! it made me smile to read about it early this morning. i have been so busy working that i haven’t done a thing, but my steadfast hubby has finished front yard cleanup, put radishes, lettuce, potatoes, onions, lettuce, carrots in the bed on the south side of the house. the main garden bed awaits, unfortunately still a mess from last year.

    i want to slow down my life. nothing makes sense at this speed. no matter what i do, there’s never enough time. you’re like a breath of fresh air. busy, but sane. thanks for writing this.

  2. You should give me some tips on raspberries and blackberries sometime. A friend of ours (the one with the bunny) said he planted a bush this year, but it seems a daunting project for me. I hear they can get hard to manage with all those brambles.

    Anyway, I think I have a good spot picked out. Tell me what I need to know about them sometime.

  3. Haven’t grown raspberries, but blackberries are easy: Plant them in an area with decent drainage and plenty of sunshine and let ’em go. If you’re ambitious, you can prune them neatly when they start to sprawl; there are lots of instructions online for that sort of thing. If you’re me, you can plant them over the back fence and let them crawl down the easement and choke out everything in their path. We’ve had ours for … um … three years, I think? Something like that. They’re loaded down with blossoms and look great. I’d recommend tossing some plastic netting over them when they start to set fruit, or the birds will eat them all before they ripen. Five brambles will produce three gallons of berries by the second year. We just gather them as they ripen, toss them into bags, and freeze them until we have enough for cobbler.

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