Not-Exactly-Folk Monday

Ron suggested this as a Folk Thursday offering. Acoustic, yes, but even I couldn’t quite stretch the definition of “folk” far enough to make it apply to Aerosmith … so we’ll just have a gratuitous musical interlude on a Monday evening instead.

Would I be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad, dreadful, wicked, evil, filthy, unrepentant, blazing scarlet Magdalene if I admitted that secretly, deep down, I’m sort of jealous of that harpsichord?


5 thoughts on “Not-Exactly-Folk Monday”

  1. I suspect M.B. Eddy would have scoffed at the Beatles and been a Stones fan instead. It’s a groove thang.

    “Free your butt and your mind will follow.”

  2. I dunno … I think Mrs. Eddy would have told the Stones they had it backwards: Her view was more along the lines of “free your mind and your butt will follow.”

    Besides, you can sum up Science and Health with one Beatles song: All You Need Is Love.

    I could maybe see her rocking out to “Cherry Cherry” at a Neil Diamond concert, though….

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