Long day

So. I’d love to post something profound and brilliant tonight, but it’s been a long day — a good day, but a long day, starting with a 7:30 a.m. meeting and ending an hour and a half after a 10 p.m. dash to the office to retrieve a file from my laptop after I inadvertently overwrote a Web page I was trying to update from home — so I think I’ll just go to bed now.

Before I crash, I want to share my big accomplishment for today. Check out the redesigned RedFork Main Street Web site, and have a look at the cool Soundslides show I put on there (which is mainly cool because of the awesome historic photos we found online; click the “show captions” link to see all the details about them, and turn up your speakers so you can hear the music) and the interactive calendar, which I got for free from Localendar.com. (NOTE: Localendar’s main site has automatic sound effects, so turn down the speakers if you’re trying to look busy.)

It still cracks me up that I am being paid to do stuff for Route 66. And I thought my last job was low-stress….