Tiki monkeys

So … I can cross No. 79 (enter a Craftster challenge) off my 101 Things list tonight. I just finished posting my entry for the Dollar Store Challenge. You had to take no more than $10 worth of stuff from the dollar store and make something creative and unexpected out of it. I found some tiny baby socks, a pair of flip-flops, and a silk lei … so of course I had to make myself a pair of tiki sock monkey house slippers.

I doubt they win the challenge, but I had fun making them, anyway. It was a good way to spend another stormy evening while the computer was unplugged….


One thought on “Tiki monkeys”

  1. Those are adorable! I’ll vote for you.

    I want to enter a challenge someday. I’m trying to learn how to do more stuff before, though. I keep signing up for all these beginner swaps on Swap-Bot to learn how to do things. Oh, and tomorrow, I’m taking a lampwork bead-making class at Island Dream Beads — so excited! My post-TW life has is quickly filling up with art and craft classes. It’s nice to actually be able to afford them. 🙂

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