10 on Tuesday

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 things you’d fix in your home (if you had the time and money). Here are mine:

1. New shower enclosure.
2. Repaint ceilings.
3. Repaint kitchen.
4. Repaint bathroom.
5. Repaint living room.
6. Finish Wild Things mural.
7. Finish Lorax mural.
8. This isn’t a fix, exactly, but I want a hoophouse for the garden.
9. Build structure to shade air conditioner.
10. Replace bed with something better designed.

One thought on “10 on Tuesday”

  1. hmmm….ten things…

    1. get on the spring planting of my urban container gardens (herbs, aromatics, pansies)
    2. repaint the arm of one of the adirondack chairs
    3. put the “tiffany (robin’s egg) blue” satin ribbon on the laurel wreath on the front door
    4. recover the outdoor chair cushions and pillows in a tiffany blue, pear green, and butter yellow floral chintz
    5. paint the dining room chairs
    6. wash all the windows
    7. sweep and scrub the front porch floor
    8. paint the beadboard on the front porch ceiling a soft tiffany blue
    9. install a ceiling fan on the front porch
    10. buy unfinishe swallow “mansion” and paint it a soft cream with, you guessed it…tiffany blue shutters

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