Follow the Leader

Yesterday’s Sand Springs Leader included a special section on homebuilding that features a thorough article about life here at the House of the Lifted Lorax, where sustainability reigns supreme. The article isn’t online, but if you happen to be in Sand Springs in the next couple of days, the paper is available on newsstands. (And if you happen to be my mom, yes, I picked up an extra copy for you this evening.) I particularly liked the lead, which gives a spot-on description of my compost pile and my backyard.

Speaking of compost, I turned it this evening after work, and it’s really broken down nicely. We timed it just about right: By the time the tomatoes go into the ground in a couple of weeks, we’ll have finished compost to put in the postholes, which should give them a boost.

Gotta run. I have one more ad to scan before I start working on the Trip Guide layout. I’m debating the merits of going to bed early tonight and just hitting the Trip Guide work hard tomorrow, as I had only three hours of sleep last night and am pretty wiped out, but we’ll see….


3 thoughts on “Follow the Leader”

  1. Thanks! It should go online tomorrow. I was trying to figure out how to categorize it and then figured “what the heck.” Look for it sometime in the am.

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