Today rocked.

Things I did today:

1. Got paid to blog about Route 66. Really. Check out the new blog I made.
2. Got paid to work on a newsletter for a nonprofit group. Really. (I love my job….)
3. Hung up a piece of Jamie’s original artwork at the office. Framed and matted, no less.
4. Bought stuff for the latest Craftster challenge.
5. Got a stick-on LED light to go on the back side of my file cabinet so I can see to plug in my computer.
6. Bought a rainsuit for walking to the office on soggy days.
7. Received the cute new messenger bag I ordered the other day.
8. Downloaded the new B-52’s album.
9. Bought some cute Sesame Street ponytail holders made of shaggy, Muppet-textured material with Muppet eyes attached to them to look like Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Elmo.
10. Found two awesome stuffed animals for Jamie — one of the bear from Hop on Pop, and one of Fox in Socks — for $5 apiece at Kohl’s.
11. Had dinner with Ron.

I think I’ll go work on my 101 Things list now….


4 thoughts on “Today rocked.”

  1. Glad to hear Jamie has contributed to your office decor. He received the socks you sent him last week, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to call you and properly thank you. 🙂 You should have seen him in his Easter clothes and newsboy hat. He looked just like a miniature Warren Beatty. Or maybe Robert Redford’s character in “The Sting.” Very dashing. Until he put Cool Whip all over his sweater vest, that is. I figure Aunt Emily will appove of anything covered in Cool Whip, though, especially a cute nephew!!

  2. I like it that Mainstreet Redfork has you as their blogger. Man, what a good match. Your personal blog alone has helped put Red Fork out there as a distinct place. I had actually read your blog for quit awhile early last year before I realized Red Fork was associated Tulsa.

  3. It’s wonderful. I genuinely loved my old job, too — especially my staff, whom I miss terribly — but I often found myself struggling to fill the time. I’m never bored these days … and if I ever get bored, I pretty much have license to do any crazy project I can think of, as long as it benefits our little share of Route 66.

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