Rain drippin’ off the brim of my hat; sure is cold today.
Here I am walkin’ down 66….

— Charley Pride

One of the things I love about my new job is the fact that the office is just over a mile and a half away, which means I can ride my bike or walk to work. It was raining this morning, and I was tempted to drive, but I didn’t want to get in the habit of making excuses, so I sucked it up, got out my umbrella and trenchcoat, and took a walk down Route 66 in the downpour.

The strap on my backpack broke (apparently it couldn’t handle the weight of the jar of chocolate-flavored peanut butter I’d put in it), and my purse kept sliding off my shoulder while I was juggling my umbrella and a cup of hot cocoa on the way home this afternoon, so I decided to take half the money I’d have spent on a week’s worth of gas at my old job and invest it in a messenger bag to make my commute a little easier.

There were lots of fun bags on Cafepress — some with save-the-planet messages, some with Route 66 designs, some with funny slogans — but in the end, I just had to have this one.

Now I just need a pair of yellow galoshes and a raincoat to go with it….


2 thoughts on “Commuting”

  1. I see you wearing the truckers hat accompanying the bag. Then you can look like me as I wear Paul’s hat to keep flyaway hair down for those early morning (4am) trips to drop off kids to school functions.

  2. The bicycle helmet serves a similar function. Good excuse for a bad hair day: “Oh, I must look a fright. I just got off the bike….”

    I ought to get one of those leather ponytail cuffs from the Harley store and use it to keep my hair under control. I’ll look like a dork, pedaling along on my retro-looking Schwinn with a black-leather-wrapped ponytail sticking out from under my screaming blue helmet, but I look like a dork all the time anyway, so I doubt anyone will be surprised.

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