Folk Thursday: Carole King

Does Carole King count as folk? I think she does. Here’s a double feature:

And together we lit up the World….

If I suddenly lost the ability to speak or write, I think I could communicate everything I’d ever really need to say by simply playing recordings of Carole King songs.

Maybe I should start thinking about that before I speak….


2 thoughts on “Folk Thursday: Carole King”

  1. does it matter…she is wise and beautiful and I love her…my best freind and I have been known to “kidnap” young women who have never heard Tapestry and made them drive around with us singing at the top of our lungs until they have at least one song memorized…AND all sense of ego has disappeared and they are singing right along with us….windows and sunroof open…at the top of our lungs…it is our version of a rite of passage…


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