10 on Tuesday: Spring

Today’s 10 on Tuesday topic is: 10 things you’re looking forward to in the spring.

1. Getting the hang of my new jobs.
2. Hearing good news about former colleagues as they settle into new positions.
3. Fireflies.
4. Flowers.
5. Riding my bike more.
6. Getting the Trip Guide done.
7. Spending a weekend with Mom and Dad when they come to visit.
8. Getting the garden in the ground.
9. Watching that truckload of horse manure we picked up yesterday turn into rich, black compost.
10. Adding more beehives.

It’s felt like spring for a couple of days. I noticed a few spring beauty blossoms opening in my neighbor’s yard yesterday. Before long, his whole front yard will be covered in tiny white flowers, and his flowering almond will start to bloom in a few weeks. My neighborhood is always so pretty in the spring….


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