Dark and stormy night

I’m blogging from the iPod tonight because the weather is too rough to leave the Mac plugged in.

We spent the day on 66, getting more photos for my picture-per-mile project.

The big news today is that one of our hens — Honey, the brown leghorn — has gotten so aggressive with the other birds that we had to separate her from the flock today to protect them, and when I get home from work tomorrow, we are going to find out whether I have the gumption to butcher my own dinner.

Stay tuned … we’ll see how this goes.


3 thoughts on “Dark and stormy night”

  1. We’re going to need some advice on chickies. Your dad and your brother are going to get together soon and start on the twin tractors. Rural King will be getting their chicks and ducklings shortly and we want to be ready. Your dad said we can keep them inside for a little while if we need to in a large rubbermaid tote with some shavings in it. I know we’ll need a waterer and a feeder. What else? What kind of food do you give them to supplement what they scrounge up for themselves?

  2. We’ve got to run to the grocery store in a minute, but I’ll do a Lifted Lorax post about backyard chickens later this evening; stay tuned.

    One piece of advice I can definitely offer: If you find it necessary to butcher an older chicken, you should probably plan on using the meat to make dumplings, as roasting it with garlic and olive oil — while a nice idea in theory — does not do justice to your hen’s sacrifice.

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