Getting ‘er done

“We are all capable of more than we do.”
— Mary Baker Eddy

OK … as promised, here’s an update on my evening’s accomplishments:

1. Installed my new coatrack and got the coats off the back of Ron’s chair as part of my effort to make the living room more presentable. Here’s the coatrack … mounted a little low because I didn’t notice how low the hooks hang, but it still gets the job done:


2. Made a little bud vase for my car. (That’s No. 11 on my 101 Things list.) I didn’t have a flower to put in it just yet, but you get the idea:


3. Transplanted a bunch of babies from my spider plant. (That’s No. 69 on my 101 Things list.) I gave one of the plants to my friend Beverly tonight at church. I’m taking the other five to work tomorrow. I think they look cute:


4. Ordered my custom license plate frame. It has bees on it and says “God save the Queen.” That’s No. 89 on the list.

5. Sorted all my bookmarks and deleted the dead links and the ones I don’t need any more. That’s No. 93.

6. Painted my new house number. (That’s No. 96 on the list.) I used the same style as I’d used on my crazy chair. I should have sanded the letters before I started, because they’re terribly ragged, but I didn’t think of it until I was half-finished with the project. I’ll trim off some of the worst rough spots tomorrow, after the paint dries, and then I can hit the numbers with a shot of lacquer to protect them from the elements before I hang them up. Even with the rough edges, I think they turned out pretty cute:


I also finished reading a Journal and listened to three Podcasts. Now I just need to find a good YouTube for Folk Thursday, and then I’ll head to bed….


5 thoughts on “Getting ‘er done”

  1. The house numbers are charming. All of it is, really. Espcially the coat rack, when I think about having the ability to hang heavy things on a wall and not have them come crashing down. I have to work on that skill. : )

  2. Screw anchors, my dear. Little plastic screw anchors. And the trick is to make sure the drill bit is EXACTLY the same size as the anchors, or they’ll just freewheel when you’re trying to put the screws in (as I discovered last night … we’ll see how long that coatrack stays put before my laziness catches up with me!)

  3. I’m always so impressed by your motivation and ability to get things done. I wish I could be more like that….I need to dig deep and find it though. We are having a house built and have about 5 months to get our little Red Fork abode sold. Watch for my garage sale! LOL

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