Getting busy

So. I seemed to slip into a bit of a funk after I got offline last night, and all my good intentions dissolved after I parked myself on the couch with a magazine and fell asleep three-fourths of the way through it.

I made it up to myself tonight by taking “before” pictures of the living room and kitchen, making myself a pan of pasta with butter and mizithra cheese for dinner, installing my new coatrack, transplanting six baby spider plants into terra cotta pots, hanging up the coats that were cluttering up the back of Ron’s easy chair in the living room, filing my ragged thumbnail, spending a few minutes trying to regain my hula-hooping skills (ooooo, my poor out-of-shape abs!) and changing into jeans and a baja because I was cold.

I’d do more, except I’ve got to be at church in 15 minutes. Stay tuned for an update later tonight….