10 on Tuesday

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is “10 Things You Hate About Politics.”

This is kind of a tough list for me, because I love the American political system. There are things I’d like to see people do differently, but the system itself is about as good as any you’ll find on the planet, so I’m hesitant to say I hate anything about it. I’d like to see these changes, though:

1. Revamp the Electoral College so the outcome of the electoral vote matches the outcome of the popular vote.
2. Hold all the primaries on the same day.
3. DQ any candidate whose campaign resorts to dirty tricks.
4. More grassroots involvement; less corporate manipulation.
5. More substance; less silliness.
6. Make ads more straightforward and less manipulative.
7. No more demonizing people. Having a different opinion does not make somebody evil. 8. Better voter turnout.
9. Stop using ideological labels as insults. “Liberal” and “conservative” aren’t bad words.
10. More face time; less TV.

On an unrelated note, the Cubs’ pitchers and catchers report to Mesa tomorrow!