New desk

OK … so I finally got my office organized a little bit. Here’s my handiwork:


This is my new desk, constructed of three 2×6 boards. I had them cut to fit the width of the room (79 inches) and screwed two pieces of scrap lumber to the walls to support them.


This is my old desk. It used to have my Mac and some of the peripherals on it, but it wasn’t really big enough to hold everything, and I didn’t have space to study. The old desk is made of four 2x8s supported by two short pieces of 2×4 across a little niche in the wall. It’s too small for the Mac but just right for metaphysical work — deep enough to hold my books and my laptop and wide enough for me to spread out a lot of materials so I can study.

Hopefully with a more comfortable workspace, I’ll be able to concentrate better. My standard M.O. involves curling up on the papasan with a book, which would be fine if Scout didn’t consider the papasan her personal property. (It’s hard to study with a fidgety rat terrier on your lap.)

Hope your evening was productive.


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