I got a little ambitious on my relaxing Saturday, but it’s been a good day.

First, we ran down to a Morgan farm in the boonies somewhere between Jenks and Sapulpa and signed me up for horseback riding lessons. Not that I don’t know how to ride, but it’s been a long time, I’m rusty, and lessons give me access to somebody else’s horse, which means I don’t have to buy one of my own. (Anyone who’s owned one knows that horses are lovely creatures that will gaze at you sweetly with their pretty brown eyes and let you pet their velvety noses while they quietly drain your bank account.)

Next up was the recovery of my prodigal hamster, who breached security Tuesday night and spent a few days on her own until my sidekick and I finally came up with a trap she couldn’t outwit. She has been transferred to a more secure cage and hopefully won’t succumb to wanderlust again.

Once we got Gertrude safely esconced in her new digs, we took Gretchen to the lumberyard to pick up some boards so I could build a new computer desk. The old one was too small to hold my Mac and all its peripherals, so I constructed a larger model in one end of my office and am looking forward to using the old one as a sewing/study area. I can’t say this is the most comfortable desk I’ve ever owned, but it’s efficient, and maybe it will discourage me from wasting colossal amounts of time online. (Yeah, right.) I dropped off a roll of Holga film at Apertures on the way to the lumberyard, so hopefully I’ll have some images to share with you Tuesday night.

Now, if I can muster the enthusiasm, I think I’ll putter into the kitchen and get a pan of cornbread in the oven before I come back in here and finish picking up all the clutter I dislodged when I moved the computer. I made beans and salt pork yesterday, and they’re just crying for cornbread….

Hope your Saturday was good.