Folk Thursday: Arlo and Emmylou

Ron sent me this link. The song, written by Woody Guthrie, is about a Jan. 29, 1948, plane crash that killed 32 people, 28 of whom were illegal immigrants on their way to a deportation center in California. Guthrie was outraged by news accounts that named the four crew members but referred to the 28 immigrants as “deportees,” never bothering to identify them.

The more things change….


One thought on “Folk Thursday: Arlo and Emmylou”

  1. I love Folk Thursdays (even as the fall right in the middle of Folk SMTWRFSs at our house)…thanks for sharing this clip…you are so right things haven’t changed much. I remember hearing a talk where someone shared that Stephen Hawkings once remarked that for all of our technological and scientific advancements we hadn’t really made one bit of progress in the things that really mattered…ending hunger, reducing violence, improving social responsibility, eliminating borders and predjudices….we have so far to go before we rest… I think this is why folk music is such an essential part of our life and why we believe it is a “social service”….it keeps the collective heart awake to its reason for being…thanks for yet another reminder….love, Kate

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