Show, don’t tell

I think this weekend probably works better as a scrapbook than a written essay:


Ron and his dad run the log splitter at the farm. I stacked wood for a long time before a golden sunset pushed me inside to get the camera.


Twilight creeps up on the barn. 




The requisite sunset pictures for Brad. 


Buster, farm dog extraordinaire.




A stop at Redmon’s candy store on Route 66 in Phillipsburg, Mo., yielded a two-foot-long marshmallow twist, an all-day sucker shaped like a daisy, and a three-foot-long gummi snake. That and a yellow-and-lavender sock monkey made me very popular with our 4-year-old niece. I love that Smurfette look she’s sporting in the second picture….

This next series of images is from one of the coolest animated neon signs on Route 66. Be sure to scroll all the way to the last stage:







I didn’t include my photos from our stay at the Wayside Motel in Marlborough, Mo., but I’ll probably post them later. The Wayside is a cute, historic motel with a really great location — directly across Route 66 from the stone gates that mark the old entrance to the late, great Coral Court Motel.

Hope your weekend was good.



3 thoughts on “Show, don’t tell”

  1. Glad you had a great weekend and made it back home safely. Larry and Phyllis are great people. I hope you realize that not all in-laws are that sweet.

    Joanie’s kids are all beautiful. I love the sign. You should make flip-books for your nieces and nephews, well, the little ones anyway. That would let you combine your loves and your talents and show off a little in the process. There might even be a market for them if today’s kids aren’t too jaded by DSes and Wiis and portable DVD players. Their grandparents would probably buy them anyway…maybe at Cracker Barrel.

    I can’t tell–is the doghouse plugged in? Is it for his heated Laz-y-Boy? Does Buster like to relax and watch a little tv after a hard day’s work? Or maybe that powers his fridge where he keeps his Millers? 😉

  2. I don’t think the plug goes to the doghouse. Buster is hilarious. Every time Larry goes out to the barn for something, Buster has to run ahead of him and wait for him to open the door so he can tear up the steps to the hayloft to chase any cats that might be hanging out up there.

    Rainey was cracking me up with that sucker. By the time she finished, she had it all over her mouth and cheeks. She looked like you crossed Smurfette with the Joker. It was priceless.

    Ron wouldn’t let me get the sucker I *really* wanted to buy for her. They had a red, blue, green, and yellow one the size of a dinner plate. You can bet I will be getting one for Jamie when he gets a little bit bigger….

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