Folk Thursday: Bonus track

It’s not Thursday, but my little sister called me this evening to tell me that she’d gotten out of bed on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day with this song stuck in her head. She thought it might make a good Folk Thursday offering. I liked it so much that I decided to post it today, while we’re all thinking about King’s legacy.

Not sure I agree with all of the slideshow creator’s selections (I don’t think I’d put Tupac Shakur and Princess Diana up there with Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi) … but if the Ray Charles version of this song doesn’t tear your heart out, you probably don’t have one.

Let’s all honor Abraham, Martin and John by making some sparks in the dark this week.


2 thoughts on “Folk Thursday: Bonus track”

  1. wait until you see what I wrote for posting tomorrow…two nights ago….this song is the keynote!! I will link to your post if that’s okay so people can actually hear the song….cool!!

    love Kate

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