Folk Thursday: Woody Guthrie

“Highway 66 is the main migrant road. 66 — the long concrete path across the country, waving gently up and down the map, from Mississippi to Bakersfield. 66 is the path of people in flight, refugees from dust and shrinking land, from the thunders of tractors and shrinking ownership, from the desert’s slow northward invasion, from the twisting winds that howl up out of Texas, from the floods that bring no richness to the land and steal what little richness is there. From all of these the people are in flight, and they come into 66 from the tributary side roads, from the wagon tracks and the rutted country roads. 66 is the mother road, the road of flight.”
— John Steinbeck

3 thoughts on “Folk Thursday: Woody Guthrie”

  1. Have been meaning to reread Grapes of Wrath ever since I moved back to Oklahoma in 2005 (school keeps getting in the way). Not that I really need to read the whole thing: seem to remember that the first chapter (the bit with the turtle) pretty well sums up the rest.

  2. hey…my first poem published in the CS Monitor was a tribute to Woody Guthrie…years later I went to the martin guitar factory and they were repairing one of Arlo’s guitars…the guy who was repairing it had an autographed picture of Woody that I swooned over…he took it off the bulletin board above his workbench and gave it to me….I love woody…and it’s funny, Jeff and I were just talking about the dustbowl migration…Principia College is hosting a Public Affairs confrence in April…the “theme” is Im-migration…I wonder what those who cross state borders to find a better life would think about our current immigration policies if they had pertained to state borders….love you, K

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