10 on Tuesday: Double feature

I had my choice of two 10 on Tuesday lists this week. I decided to do both.

10 best pictures of 2007 (posted in chronological order)


John’s Modern Cabins, an hour before sunset


Our Lady of the Highways


Parts sign on Route 66 in Oakhurst


Miss Belvedere


Hispanic cemetery near Montoya, N.M.


Bat boy found in Southern Illinois …


Sunflowers near Tucumcari Mountain


Holga portrait of my friend Linda


Jamie hugs an old family friend


Double-exposure Holga shot (on Agfa film) of 66 west of Sapulpa

10 best moments of 2007 (also posted in chronological order):

1. Painting the Wild Things mural with Jaiden and Corbin
2. Adopting the Bond Chicks
3. Buying Gretchen
4. Instantaneous healing of a broken foot
5. Photographing Miss Belvedere
6. Painting Ray’s Motel
7. Getting our solar array
8. Primary class (OK, so that was two weeks, not a moment … but there were lots of great moments in it)
9. Okie Blogger Award
10. Watching Jamie learn to clap his hands

How was your year?


3 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Double feature”

  1. His new thing is that giant sea turtle Grandma bought him for Christmas. It stays in the middle of the rug at Grandma’s house, and about twenty times per visit, he’ll get really excited about something, crawl as fast as he can to the turtle, throw his whole body down on it, bury his face, and hold perfectly still for four or five seconds. It is hilarious.

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