Somewhere in Time


Old restrooms at Seaba Station on Route 66 near Warwick, Okla.

You know what I love best about Joy? Her timelessness. Feed her a roll of black-and-white film, point her at something old and maybe a bit dilapidated, and somehow her soft focus and lens distortion take away all sense of time, leaving you with the impression that you’re looking at some long-ago child’s collection of Brownie images tucked into a scrapbook and left resting 50 years in someone’s attic.

If I could, I’d take Joy out for a two-month road trip down Route 66 and let her capture all the ruins and remnants along the way.


Just for fun, I spent part of Saturday on 66, exploiting the Holga’s legendary capacity for creating trippy double-exposure shots.

This juxtaposition of tree and bridge comes from the old Ozark Trail alignment of 66 at the west end of Sapulpa.

Speaking of 66, the Oklahoma Route 66 Association‘s preservation committee — which I chair — is holding a work day tomorrow at the Blue Whale in Catoosa. The recent ice storm damaged some tree limbs above the picnic area next to the pond, so we’re going to meet out there at 9 a.m. with chainsaws and pickup trucks and do a little cleanup work. If you’re looking for a fun way to ring in 2008, the Blue Whale is the place to be tomorrow morning. We’ll provide cookies, soda, and good humor; you provide elbow grease and a pair of work gloves to protect your hands.

If you need firewood, come early and call dibs on whatever we chop up. If you happen to own a chainsaw, pole saw, or other tools that might be handy for this project, please bring them.

All participants will be entered into a drawing for a copy of Jim Ross’ Oklahoma Route 66 book and a set of HERE IT IS! maps. (NOTE: Jim’s Web site has a lot of sound effects.) Jim has agreed to autograph the book and maps and personally mail them to the lucky winner.

Come on out and enjoy a morning of camaraderie, exercise, fresh air, and free homemade chocolate-chip cookies at one of the Mother Road’s most famous landmarks!

The Blue Whale is located on the north side of State Highway 66 at the east end of Catoosa, just east of Reasor’s and across the road from the Arrowood Trading Post.

Hope to see you there!