Afternoon on 66


This afternoon was bright and sunny — perfect conditions for shooting low-speed film with a fixed-focus camera — so I took Joy the Holga out for a spin on Route 66. I loaded her with some expired 100-speed Agfa film and concentrated primarily on tight closeups and a few double-exposure experiments.

Of course I also used my digital Rebel for a few shots, including the one you see above. I liked the way the light was coming through the insulators, which are on a downed telephone pole next to Southwest Boulevard between Red Fork and Oakhurst.

Just past the Tepee Drive-In on the old alignment of 66 west of Sapulpa, I’d stopped to dink around with Joy when I met James and Nathan, two Route 66 travelers from Illinois who are celebrating James’ recent graduation from SIU — my alma mater — with a trip to California.

Nathan used to attend SIU but is now studying at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, where Ron and I lived for several years before we moved to Tulsa.

Six degrees….
Go check out their MySpace page, where they’re keeping a journal of their trip, along with plenty of pictures. (NOTE: Music starts playing automatically, so if you’re trying to look busy, turn your speakers down before you click.)

Back to my own Route 66 adventures: I bagged this pretty sunset east of Stroud. It looked way better in real life, as sunsets have a way of doing … but I do like the trees silhouetted against the light.


On the way back home, I passed through Bristow and wound up turning around to get a shot of the lovely Christmas light display on the walkway leading to the old depot. I may use this on next year’s Christmas cards:


Hope you’re enjoying your weekend as much as I’m enjoying mine.


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