I had some good intentions about making some tie-dyed sock monkeys and finishing some other projects this evening, but by the time I ran some errands, cleaned the kitchen, took down the Christmas tree, put away the decorations, and made myself a plate of pasta, I was pretty much wiped out, so now I’m just sitting here in front of the computer, daydreaming and killing time and trying to convince myself to do something useful before I crash.

Ron is going to teach me to use our new chainsaw tomorrow. We’re going to spend part of the day busting up fallen limbs in the backyard. You know how I love power tools, so I am obviously very excited about this. If I have time, I think I’ll follow it up by building the screen door for the hens’ super-insulated winter home.

It cracks me up to think about how much I’ve changed since high school. Back then, I was interested in things like Volvos and Broadway showtunes and trying to be “deep,” whatever that meant. These days, I’m happiest listening to Johnny Cash on my way to the hardware store in my pickup truck, and I must say, I like me a whole lot better like this.

I’d ruminate on that some more, except I’m busy trying to come up with a strategy for convincing Ron to get up early and take me to that good doughnut shop on north Yale for breakfast tomorrow, and I have to think fast, because I’m about to fall asleep right on my keyboa0-=][p’;/.1324qwer[];’?,/zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …