Doing something


After a thoroughly pleasant evening of doing Nothing, I went to bed early, got up this morning at 9:30, and had a nice breakfast at Ollie’s before doing Something, just like I planned.

The first Something I did was sort out some problems I’d been having with domain name transfers. Big hassle, but I think I have it all worked out now.

The next Something I did was grab my notebook and head to the Reading Room. I spent the better end of five hours holed up in my favorite little nook in the back of the building, reading reprints of old Journal and Sentinel articles on various topics I felt deserved my attention. I’ll probably have something to say about all that after it’s had time to sink in.

It was snowing lightly by the time I left, but the streets were pretty clear, so I stopped by Apertures on the way home to pick up some Holga pictures I’d dropped off for processing a couple of days earlier. I didn’t get much out of this roll, thanks to the low light and heavy fog, but I was delighted when one of the few usable frames turned out to be the Blue Whale on Route 66 in Catoosa. I do wish the lens was just a little sharper toward the middle, but I think the distortion around the edges and the soft focus enhance the moody vibe that rolled in with the fog.


This was another Holga shot I took on 66 as I was heading east a couple of weeks ago. Again … not the clearest shot in the world, but the camera did succeed in recording the way I felt as I stood next to the road, shooting a pecan grove in Claremore.

I have some more Somethings to do this evening: tend the fire, clear the coffee table, clean the kitchen counters, clean the stove, sweep the kitchen, clean the bathroom, start a load of laundry, and track down the software for my digital recorder so I can transfer sound files to my laptop. We’ll see how far I get with all that….