Long day

I didn’t get off work until almost 11 o’clock because I had to stay late and get a jump start on this week’s section so I can leave early tomorrow today to head to Illinois for an early Christmas.

I’ve charged the Rebel’s battery, loaded and taped up the Holga, tucked the extra film and electrical tape in my camera bag, dumped off photos from my CF card, and now I’m getting ready to sign some Heifer cards (which arrived today, just barely in time for me to include with Christmas gifts), pack my travel bag, and start loading the car.

Internet use will be spotty this weekend, but I’ll probably blog a little from Mom and Dad’s. I’m taking at least two cameras along on this trip (three if you count the one on my keychain, which I don’t), so I should have at least a few interesting shots.

Have a good weekend, and watch for photos Tuesday.