Christmas candy

This is what eight hours in the kitchen looks like:


Clockwise from top: black walnut fudge, ribbon fudge, stained-glass windows, turtles, more ribbon fudge, more stained-glass windows, and a pile of truffles in the center.

The black walnut fudge turned out OK. When you consider the fact that I made it in the microwave in under 10 minutes, it’s awesome. The stained-glass windows are like rocky road. Very easy. The turtles are more trouble than they’re worth, but they look kind of cool. The truffles are also pretty labor-intensive, but the payoff is better. The ribbon fudge — a layer of peanut butter fudge topped with a layer of chocolate fudge — is the best.


I found this hilarious decoration at Vintage Holiday a couple of years ago and finally remembered to pick up gumdrops to go on its branches. What a horrible candy … but a truly swell dispenser for it.


And here’s my little Christmas display in the living room: vintage aluminum Christmas tree, new color wheel (complete with CFL bulb), and a string of LED Christmas lights hanging above the whole scene. How festive.

I know I promised recipes earlier, but they’ll have to wait. My 40-hour sleep deprivation marathon is winding down, and I’m starting to get really spacy. I’ll try to post candy recipes tomorrow, when I’m coherent. For now, it’s bedtime.


4 thoughts on “Christmas candy”

  1. turtles were historically my favorite candy growing up (until I bit into my first Sees Candy), but I never ever understood why they were called turtles until I saw your photos. “oh, I get it, the pecans are supposed to be feet and a head!”

    well done! yum! wish I were there!

  2. I bet your gum drops were the spice kind. Those things are horrible. If you can find the fruit-flavored kind, they’re yummy. I like the little serving tree though. Looks like it belongs in an avocado or harvest gold kitchen.

  3. Oh, yes, Mom … the gumdrops are, indeed, some of those terrible little “spice drops” that Brach’s makes. Grace and I were talking about them last night on the phone. They reminded us of Grandma and her candy dish full of spice drops, which we didn’t really like but would eat anyway because we were kids and they were sugar and besides that, we didn’t want to hurt Grandma’s feelings.
    The tree, is, I think, one of my finer Vintage Holiday finds. It goes well with my Madeira china and the collection of big wooden forks and spoons on my kitchen walls….

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