10 on Tuesday

I can’t decide whether I really like the whole blog-meme concept or not, but I’ll stick with it a little longer and see. This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 best games. ‘Scuse me while I show my age:

1. Q*Bert. Best. Video. Game. Ever. You can play a knockoff of it here.
2. Pac-Man. Especially the version they put in those tabletop machines at pizzerias.
3. Yar’s Revenge. But the new version that comes in the little joystick with all the built-in games isn’t as cool as the original, because they’ve edited out the Ghost of Yars that would wipe out the game every now and then. I used to find the Ghost handy for ending games that had become interminable: Just dance over onto the black line that went creeping through the fireworks when you blew up the Qotile, and — voila! — game over! HSWWSH!
4. Pong. The first, and still one of the best.
5. Monopoly. I used to beg my parents to play Monopoly with me. They always balked, because it took forever … and encouraged viciously competitive, materialistic behavior in the process. I was a ruthless little would-be real-estate tycoon when it came to Monopoly.
6. Sorry! Way more fun than it had any right to be.
7. Uno.
8. Dots. Best way I can think of to kill time during long bus rides or boring chemistry lectures.
9. Trivial Pursuit. Genus Edition.
10. Does riding a bicycle over bubble wrap count as a game? Because it makes an excellent machine-gun sound effect. Especially when you get the appliance-packing-material kind with the heavy plastic and enormous bubbles.

What were your favorite games?

6 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday”

  1. P.S. I’m new to memes too, there’s others I’d like to do (looking forward to the Thursday Thirteen on, uh, Thursday), but this is the first I felt I could confidently jump right into. Not sure about next week’s, 10 things to complain about. I might have to turn that around. 🙂

  2. I always liked double solitaire because it was almost all luck-based. There was a little bit of skill involved, but so little that a kid could beat an adult and frequently did. No one had to feel inferior. I think that’s my main aversion to most games. Someone has to lose and the other player winds up feeling superior. In my experience, very few people enjoy playing a game they have absolutely no chance at all of winning.

  3. The best games to me were those kindergarten games, like hide and seek, devil’s den, duck duck goose and tag and musical chairs. No strategy, no big deal if you lose, just run without thinking too hard about it and laugh alot. Those are the best. Oh, egg on a spoon is a really good one, too. : )

  4. Of course, anything on a bicycle counts! I can tell you from first-hand experience that running over bubble wrap beats the heck out of running over a big rock or a 4-by-4!

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