10 on Tuesday

I can’t decide whether I really like the whole blog-meme concept or not, but I’ll stick with it a little longer and see. This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 best games. ‘Scuse me while I show my age:

1. Q*Bert. Best. Video. Game. Ever. You can play a knockoff of it here.
2. Pac-Man. Especially the version they put in those tabletop machines at pizzerias.
3. Yar’s Revenge. But the new version that comes in the little joystick with all the built-in games isn’t as cool as the original, because they’ve edited out the Ghost of Yars that would wipe out the game every now and then. I used to find the Ghost handy for ending games that had become interminable: Just dance over onto the black line that went creeping through the fireworks when you blew up the Qotile, and — voila! — game over! HSWWSH!
4. Pong. The first, and still one of the best.
5. Monopoly. I used to beg my parents to play Monopoly with me. They always balked, because it took forever … and encouraged viciously competitive, materialistic behavior in the process. I was a ruthless little would-be real-estate tycoon when it came to Monopoly.
6. Sorry! Way more fun than it had any right to be.
7. Uno.
8. Dots. Best way I can think of to kill time during long bus rides or boring chemistry lectures.
9. Trivial Pursuit. Genus Edition.
10. Does riding a bicycle over bubble wrap count as a game? Because it makes an excellent machine-gun sound effect. Especially when you get the appliance-packing-material kind with the heavy plastic and enormous bubbles.

What were your favorite games?