Horrid little cameras

I shot this terrible little video with my terrible little Vivitar keychain camera, which mysteriously recovered after its little glitch during the race yesterday. This is the high-res setting, and it’s just awful … but at least you can see the animation on the sign, which I shot with my Rebel and blogged about last year. The sign is the marquee for the Circle Cinema, which is on an old alignment of Route 66 here in Tulsa.

I took some still pictures today with the Vivitar on the low-res, compressed setting. I think they look like they’ve been put through the watercolor filter in Photoshop:




Sometimes a really awful camera can produce a really useful effect. I think this particular camera will be good for shooting images to use as backgrounds for collages and things.

What will be even better is the new toy Ron is buying for me online right now. After a lengthy discussion today, he finally agreed to let me have a Holga. He still doesn’t understand why I want it when I have a perfectly good digital camera that takes great shots just about every time I use it, but I’ve looked at a lot of Holga pictures online, and that vignetting thing that it does just knocks me out. I know you can fake it in Photoshop, but it isn’t the same. I want the crazy colors and weird lighting conditions and ethereal vibe you get from Holga photos. I don’t want it for everyday use. I just want it for special projects — like taking a really beautiful, really unusual portrait of a friend or seeing familiar places with new eyes.

I’ve got some ideas in mind, but based on what I’ve read, it’s best to just let the shots happen and not try to plan too much when you’re playing with a Holga.

We’ll see what I get.