“To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.”|
— Mary Baker Eddy

It’s 47 degrees outside in Red Fork. I’m drinking Red Zinger made with water boiled on top of the woodstove and sweetened with some of our girls’ exquisite dark honey. Songdog is dozing at my feet, Jason is asleep in front of the door, and Scout is drifting off on the papasan. I’ve read three Sentinels this evening, the house is more or less clean, and just a little while ago, I got word of major breakthroughs in two healings I’d been working on. So many blessings, and the weekend has only just started!

We’re getting up early tomorrow to take Gretchen over to the feed store in Sapulpa to pick up chicken feed and hay bales. Ron has promised me breakfast at Ollie’s before we head to Sapulpa.

Hope your evening has been as wonderful as mine.