Hello Dolly

I thought I’d posted this earlier, but apparently I didn’t. I’ve found the most wonderful recipe on earth, courtesy of Bethecake.com:

Hello Dolly Pie.

In essence, you take all the stuff you’d use to make a batch of Hello Dollies, put it in a graham-cracker crust, and bake it until it’s browned and bubbly and caramely. It takes five minutes to throw together and maybe half an hour to bake, but you’d never know it from the response it gets. I think it’s probably going to one-up Dirt Cake (which I turn into Dirt Pie by halving the recipe and putting it in an Oreo cookie crust) for potluck purposes, because it’s faster, easier, and even more impressive.

Lovely stuff. Highly, highly recommended.


P.S.: I read 10 of those magazines before bed last night. I won’t get that much done this evening — I’ve been too busy going to church, making pie, and preparing to convert two regular Web sites to blogs as a means of increasing my traffic, lowering my costs, and making it easier to update things.

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