Unless …

As promised, I put together a Soundslides show last night for folks who may have missed the Tulsa Solar Tour but would like to learn a little bit about how the crunchy-granola half lives. It includes information on energy efficiency, recycling, water conservation, composting, organic gardening, chickens, beekeeping, woodstoves, LED lighting, solar energy, hybrid cars, carbon offsets, and more. The slideshow is set to John Lennon’s “Power to the People.”

To see the show, click here … then borrow some ideas and go do something to knock down your power bills. 🙂

On an unrelated note, the time/date stamp thingy on WordPress is acting weird. I decided the other day to join the ranks of the National Blog Posting Month participants. I’d thought that I’d missed a day or two in November, but when I looked back over my posts, I found that I hadn’t missed a single day, so I went ahead and signed up, figuring I could keep the streak going easily enough. Two days later, I glanced at the calendar on my sidebar and noticed there were some gaps in it. Apparently the time/date stamps had readjusted themselves in some strange fashion, so I had to go in and manually change them back. Weird.