T-minus 16 hours, 34 minutes

Tulsa Solar Tour starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I have no idea who will show up. You, I hope. 🙂

The publicity didn’t really start in earnest until early this week, so I’m not sure who’s heard about it … but hopefully we’ll get a few folks wandering through to see what this alt-energy, sustainable-living thing is all about.

Between now and tomorrow morning, I must:

Eat dinner (right now, this consists of a bag of Wavy Lays, some jalapeno-sour cream dip, and a bottle of Gatorade … the breakfast of champions, obv.)
Make cookies
Clean the living room
Clean my office
Clean the bedroom
Clean the bathroom
Clean the kitchen
Sand and paint a chair that’s looking especially sorry (which is cool, as it gives me an excuse to tackle the latest Craftster challenge, “Super Ugly to Super Awesome”)
Buy tortilla chips
Wash all my mugs and cups for cider-serving purposes

Tons of stuff to do, but y’know, I’m not the least bit stressed out about it. I’ll explain why later.

I’ve got some random happies to share — little accomplishments and discoveries and things — but I’ll save them until I get all my work done. Film (and recipes and stories) at 11….

UPDATE 1: As of 9:15 p.m., I’ve baked the cookies, cleaned the living room, bathroom and kitchen, eaten dinner, and put all my mugs and teacups in the dishwasher. Time to feed the dogs and figure out where I put the sandpaper….

UPDATE 2: As of 11:22 p.m., I’ve cleaned the office and bedroom and put two coats of really cheap, awful, runny white paint on my chair. It’s pretty bad if you look closely, and it will have to be sanded before I can start with the artsy parts, but at least it’s white now and will blend into the woodwork a little better. I still need to pick up chips, but I think I’ll do that in the morning — I don’t feel like driving to Reasor’s right now, and nobody else carries the brand I like.