Extra-strength healing

I’ve heard people talk about being healed of a long-term or recurring illness and not realizing it for several months, but I never really understood how that could be. How do you not notice that you’re not having a problem that’s bugged you for years? It sounded crazy, and I think I always wondered if maybe those folks weren’t just a little bit daft.

If they are, I guess I must be, too … as I found out today.

About a year and a half ago, I had to delay finishing a project for a nonprofit organization because of a severe headache — not an everyday occurrence, but not uncommon for me at the time, either.

I was only a day or so late with the project, but the deadline was tight enough that I felt obligated to explain my tardiness to a friend I’d been working with on this project. She was very sympathetic, as she also suffered from frequent headaches, and she asked what I’d taken to recover so quickly.

I explained that as a Christian Scientist, I didn’t take any medicine, but that I’d gotten used to calling a practitioner for quick healing any time I had a headache. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me at the time that I didn’t have to put up with recurring headaches — even if they responded quickly to treatment. Somehow I’d never thought about the fact that I had a right to be free of these headaches once and for all.

In fact, that thought didn’t occur to me until today, when my friend e-mailed me to discuss a project we were working on and happened to ask how I was doing with those headaches.

I hadn’t even thought about it in months, but I suddenly realized that I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d been flattened by one of those awful headaches. Like the people I’d wondered about in the past, I’d been healed so naturally and so completely that I didn’t even notice when it happened — I just got better and stayed that way.

What a wonderful feeling.


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