What bwings us togevah

I still need to burn a CD, but I’ve gotten Ashlie’s photos sorted and Photoshopped and turned a few of them into a Soundslides show. Click here to see it … or, if your computer chokes on bells and whistles, just scroll down to see a few of my favorite images from the wedding.


I usually try to avoid backlighting, but this shot and the one below were both too striking to pass up.



I broke all kinds of rules today. I almost never shoot portraits from below the subject’s eye level, because they tend to be unflattering, but this is one of those, “Aw, what the heck” shots that I got while I was trying something else, and it wound up working way better than it had any right to.


Ashlie and her mom.


Ashlie and her sister.


Ashlie and Kevin share a tender moment under a pretty breezeway.


I love this cake topper. They also used a beautiful miniature replica of a Marine sword to cut the cake, which has to be one of the ten coolest things I’ve ever seen.

As the reception was winding down, Ashlie’s mom asked if I would like to take home some of the leftovers from the fresh fruit display — a gorgeous thing involving a lot of sugar-coated grapes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a waterfall that flowed into a series of hollowed-out pineapples and melons. Here’s another reason I love Oklahoma: Nobody batted an eye when I asked if I could have the melon rinds to feed my chickens, who love cantaloupe more than anything in the world.


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