Bat boy found in Southern Illinois


Sweet Baby James models his stylin’ new bat hat.

I had a lovely weekend playing with Jamie, visiting my family, photographing Jamie, playing with Jamie, eating food I hadn’t had in years, playing with Jamie, photographing an utterly gorgeous neon sign with the most elaborate animation I’ve ever seen, playing with Jamie, hanging out in Carbondale, playing with Jamie, buying toys for Jamie, having my picture taken in a photo booth with Jamie (scan forthcoming), and playing with Jamie.


Jamie is really into drumming right now. He has figured out that an empty orange juice carton makes a good conga.


Lamb Chop and Grandpa are Jamie’s two best friends. Here he is with both of them. He wasn’t too sure about my camera, which is bigger than the one his grandma uses to take pictures of him all the time.

Another thing Jamie loves is playing horsie on Grandpa’s knee. What you can’t tell from the picture is how hilarious his hat looks when he does this. Every time he bounced, the little bat wings would flap. Ridiculous.


This isn’t the best picture I shot this weekend, but it’s one of my favorites. The stuffed animal in Jamie’s arms is my old Pooh bear. Pooh was my best friend for the first five years of my life. He’s not very soft or cuddly anymore, because I loved all the fuzz off of him when I was little, but he’s still pretty huggable, and Jamie seemed content to hold him while he slept.

I’ll post more images from my trip when I get them worked up, but in the meantime, I’m starving, and I hear a bowl of chili calling me, so I think I’ll head over to Stroud for dinner.

Hope your weekend was good.


4 thoughts on “Bat boy found in Southern Illinois”

  1. ohmigosh, you made my morning. my next snuggle with a close relative’s baby will probably be grandchildren, and that’s a few years off still. this one just made me want to snuggle uncontrollably.

  2. Jamie doesn’t have time for too much snuggling. He’s a busy little guy — he’s got places to explore and pots to bang on and stuffed animals to hug, so it’s hard for him to sit still and cuddle for more than a minute or two. He liked shopping with me at Shawnee Trails Wilderness Outfitters the other day, though. It’s a tiny little store that carries an amazing variety of stuff, so there were plenty of things for Jamie to look at on the walls, the floor, every flat surface, and the ceiling. He was particularly enthralled with the brightly colored kayaks hanging from the ceiling. He kept staring at them the whole time we were there.

  3. He loves things that are on the ceiling. Vents, light fixtures, fans — yesterday at a restaurant he tried to climb out of his high chair over and over because he was so frustrated that the fans were not turned on. He KNEW they were supposed to be moving, and he was getting aggravated with them for just sitting still!!!

  4. Awwww….the picture where Jamie is sleeping and holding your teddy bear is adorable. How sweet that you passed it on to him.

    I love the bat hat. I can tell you had a great time.

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