Two miles in the high desert

On the way home from Tucumcari on Monday, we took the old gravel alignment of 66 from San Jon to Glenrio. Somewhere around Endee, I asked Ron to stop the car so I could jog a little bit. I ran just a couple of miles (I’m not acclimated to the arid climate or the altitude, so I was ready to stop and get something to drink after two miles), but it was a nice run.

I still need to Photoshop the images from my trip. I sorted them last night, but we went to the fair this evening, so I didn’t have time to finish editing them tonight. Maybe I can get to it tomorrow.  The picture above is one Ron shot with his little point-and-shoot camera while I was running between Endee and Glenrio.

The fair was great. We watched the stock dog trials, as usual, and waited out a rain in the birthing center, where they have all kinds of baby animals and all kinds of mama animals that are about to have babies. They had a petting zoo set up, which was pretty cool. We also saw a lot of show animals, including goats and pigs, and I got to pet some Percherons. We tried this year’s new fair food, which was deep-fried mashed potatoes. They were OK but not as good as fried cheese or lemon shake-ups.


2 thoughts on “Two miles in the high desert”

  1. I’ve never had fried mashed potatoes and can’t imagine what they would taste like.

    You got some beautiful pictures on your trip. I can’t wait to see the animal ones. I’ve never seen stock dog trials either. I need to google and see if they have any in our area because I think my husband and I would enjoy it.

    Welcome back.

  2. Unfortunately, I won’t have any pictures of the fair animals, as my camera is too expensive to take into a setting that potentially destructive unless I am planning to do nothing but take pictures and guard my photo equipment with my life.

    I really need to invest a couple hundred bucks in a Power Shot or something similar that I can stick in my purse and carry into situations that are too messy/risky/rough-and-tumble/whatever to justify bringing a real camera. Ron inadvertently let the insurance lapse on my Rebel, so I’m trying to baby it until he gets that straightened out.

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