Busy evening

I finally got around to doing something this evening that’s needed to be done for months: I reorganized my office, rearranged the furniture, and replaced some big, clunky wooden shelves with a sleek little chrome shelf.

When I was done, Ron treated me to a fun new piece of furniture: a $20 fold-up rocking chair that sits directly on the floor and doesn’t take up a whole lot of room. I also got a small plush cushion, which Ron hates but I love. It has bright purple, blue, and green stripes. I like it ‘cos it’s very soft, and it makes the chair (which is just the right height for my makeshift “computer desk” — visible in the picture) more comfortable, too.

While I was cleaning and reorganizing this evening, I decided to sweep the carpet — and I mean “sweep,” not “vacuum.” About three weeks ago, I got an absolutely wonderful tool from the Lehman’s Non-Electric catalog: an old-fashioned carpet sweeper. The design is a little bit different from the toy sweeper I had as a kid. Rather than attempt to explain it, I will just suggest that you click here to take a peek at it. I will also note, just for the record, that this was probably the best $55 I ever spent, because it picks up lint and dog hair without wasting electricity or making a lot of noise. I love it.

If you aren’t familiar with the Lehman’s catalog, their Web site is a great timekiller — lots of cool gadgets that don’t require electricity to work.



5 thoughts on “Busy evening”

  1. It’s a great supplement for a vacuum cleaner, but you’ll still need to use the vacuum once in a while to get the grit that works its way to the bottom of the carpet and cuts the fibers with every step. The main reason for vacuuming a carpet is to lengthen its usable life. I really like Lehman’s. I got some pant stretchers with the gift certificate you gave me and they have saved even more electricity because I don’t have to iron my pants after hanging them on the line to dry.

    It’s amazing how much fun we’re having shrinking our carbon footprint.

  2. Mom: We still use the vacuum now and then, but the vacuum is stored in the garage (long story, but it’s the best place for it at the moment) and thus doesn’t find its way into the house too often. The sweeper helps keep the dog hair down and the carpet looking almost sort of presentable in between.

    Laura: Come on out whenever you want! I’m always game to do my one-woman-tourism-bureau show. 🙂

  3. We live about an hour from Lehman’s, and if you think the catalog is fun, you should see the store. Don’t bring money — there are so many useful things there you could really find yourself tempted.

    My goal this year is a deep cast-iron skillet, like the one Gramma had. It’s an extremely versatile piece of cookware.


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