12 miles on 66

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

— Steve Prefontaine

I jogged down Route 66 from Kellyville to the east edge of Bristow this afternoon, logging a distance of 12 miles. The weather was nice and overcast for most of the run, and it rained lightly several times, which felt good — nice and cool. I had some good intentions about going 16 miles, but by the time I hit 12, it was starting to get dark, and we wanted to get to Arcadia in time for dinner at POPS, so I cut it short. I felt great, though, and I’m sure I could have gone another four miles if I’d had time.

Today’s run included the Tank Farm Loop (pictured in the two above photos by Ron), which is an old alignment of 66 that was bypassed many years ago. “Tank Farm” is a reference to the clusters of oil storage tanks next to the road in that area. A big thank you to the Mother Road 100 organizers, who marked the pavement for an ultramarathon that some friends and I helped with last fall. Their shields and arrows survived 10 months of crazy weather and came in handy today as I was trying to follow the old alignments in that area. Brought back some nice memories, too. šŸ™‚

I like running on old alignments, because they tend to be quiet and interesting. Several friendly dogs joined me on today’s run, including an enthusiastic Border collie mix that bounced around in circles, bowing and wagging its tail and trying its best to get me to play. It was beyond cute. I love farm dogs. They are seldom aggressive and frequently hilarious.

It was a great run. I capped it with a dinner at POPS that included two cane-sugar-sweetened sodas (Bubble Up and Dad’s Root Beer) and a chocolate cupcake for dessert.

Hope your Sunday evening was as enjoyable as mine.


Box score:
Miles run today: 12
Total mileage: 82.15 (including 37 miles on Route 66)


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