Ask the Hippie, Vol. 2, Issue 5

Q. How do I slow down my electric meter? (Search term: “How to slow down my electric meter.”)

A. I suspect this person was looking for ways to cheat the power company, but I’ve got a better idea:

Use less electricity.

I could go into a million details about how to accomplish this, but instead, I will simply refer the querent to the House of the Lifted Lorax blog, which Ron set up to share our adventures in energy efficiency and solar living. Specifically, those looking to reduce their power bills might be interested in these posts:

CFLs: Yes, they work

A black or white situation (about roof color)
Think small
A big energy saver (about water heaters)
A radiant glow (about attic improvements)

Also, you might be interested in this riff I did last year on preparing your home for winter. It includes some links and good advice from other sources as well.


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