I can’t post a picture, because my camera is in the other room, and if I go get it, the dogs will follow me, thus ruining the moment, but Ron and Songdog are adorable right now — Ron is sitting on the floor, and Song is on his lap, cuddling and smiling and just generally being cute.

Other than that, there’s not much going on today. It’s a little cooler than it’s been in a couple of weeks. It was a little overcast today, so we only got 5 kWh from the solar panels, but on the up side, the Bond Chicks seemed to appreciate the improved weather — they gave us two eggs this morning and four this evening, which is a record for them. The weather was decent enough that I stayed outside for a few minutes to weed the zinnias and clean up the yard while I was out there taking care of the hens.

I’m looking forward to a nice, laid-back weekend … a little reading, a little housecleaning, maybe make a couple of sock monkeys, hit a treadmill for a mile or twelve, and park myself in front of the TV for four hours to watch my DVD of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, which just came in yesterday.

Kate Winslet’s Ophelia makes me cry. There’s so much about that character that didn’t make any sense when I read the play, but Branagh brought out some things I’d missed, and the whole story just kind of crystallized for me.

Hope your weekend is full of sock monkeys, Shakespeare, and cuddly collies … or whatever it is that makes you happy.



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