I have about two zillion itty-bitty orange and brown butterflies playing in the mint I planted in the front flowerbed. They seem especially fond of the pineapple mint. They are pretty. That is all.



8 thoughts on “Butterflies”

  1. Might be the Orange Sulpur, although I haven’t heard of those going so much for mint. The black in them sometimes looks more brownish.

    Or it could be a Goatweed Butterfly, in which case they’re supposed to play dead when handled. Sounds like a fun little photo possibility.

  2. The butterflies are swarming our yard ever since I planted Kong Coleus and Lantana. Hummingbirds and dragonflies, too. I even saw a cardinal playing in the coleus this morning.

  3. I love butterflies but do not have zillions, that is for sure. Maybe I need mint too.

    We DO have monarch butterflies this year though. It is the first year I have seen them since I moved here going on 4 years ago.

  4. We have a few wasps working the mint along with the little bitty butterflies. It took them longer to find it, but they’re out there. A few of our honeybees finally figured it out, too. I was particularly excited to see one of those pretty black wasps that looks metallic blue in the light. I forget what they’re called, but they’re lovely creatures.

    The mint is pretty nice, too — sometimes I brush against it as I’m going in or out, and it releases the most wonderful smell. It’s in a good location, as the flowerbed is totally surrounded by concrete on all sides, so there’s no way for the mint to sneak out of the bed and encroach on the rest of the yard. It just gets bigger and bigger and overhangs the sidewalk without choking out any other plants.

  5. Possibly, but mint generally doesn’t propagate well enough from seed to keep from being choked out by the grass. The seedlings are too tiny to get much of a foothold unless they have a bare space with ideal growing conditions. It’s the runners rather than the seeds that make mint so invasive.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind ripping up the entire front yard and replacing it with a big wild glorious tangle of mint, but I suspect the city would yelp about it.

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