What’s the significance?

DISCLAIMER: Management assumes no responsibility for any songs or song fragments that may become permanently lodged in the reader’s head as a result of the following post. Proceed at your own risk.

One date. Two trivia questions. Two songs. Ten years apart. One fabulous prize.

Two songs — one recorded in 1967, and one recorded in 1977 — begin with the line:

“It was the third of June …”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to supply the following information for both songs:

1. The rest of the line.
2. The name of the song.
3. The name of the singer-songwriter who wrote and recorded it.

First person to post the correct answers will win a fabulous prize, to be revealed later this week. Bonus points if you can get the answers without the aid of Google.

(Note to Mom, Dad, and Nerd: Y’all are not eligible to participate in this contest, ‘cos we’ve already discussed the answers.)


Last weekend

I would have posted pictures of my Herrin trip earlier, except it’s been a crazy week: church Wednesday, worked late Thursday, worked late Friday, worked ridiculously late yesterday, and I want to say I had to unplug the computer on Tuesday because there were thunderstorms in the area, so this is the first chance I’ve had to Photoshop these pictures and get them online.

Anyway, here are the photos from last weekend’s adventures.




Oliver helped me rescue this bird on Saturday. It was hopping and flopping around in the middle of a street a block from Herrinfesta Italiana — my hometown’s annual festival — and I was afraid it would get run over or tormented by an intoxicated reveler, so Oliver grabbed it and we took it to my mom to see what she thought we should do with it. Dad and I wound up taking it to a local wildlife rehabilitator.



I don’t really know why Jamie looks so forlorn in the photos above. He was pretty happy most of the weekend.

Mom helped him play the piano for me:



Jamie’s favorite place to be is outside. Jamie’s second favorite place to be is on his Grandpa’s lap. As far as Jamie is concerned, Grandpa can walk on water … so he was having a pretty good afternoon hanging out in the yard with Grandpa last weekend:



Jamie also likes beards a lot. Here he is, having some quality time with his Uncle Oliver and checking out Uncle Oliver’s beard.




Jamie also likes my hair a lot, as it’s long enough for him to grab and pull. Apparently it tastes good, too, because he kept trying to eat it, but I don’t have any pictures of him pulling and eating my hair. He picked me a flower while I was in town. Or part of a flower, anyway. He doesn’t quite have the hang of picking whole flowers, but he’s really good at pulling off petals and handing them to people.

Speaking of flowers, here are some blooms I cut in the garden last week:



One of the things I did this weekend was buy a digital audio recorder and learn to use Audacity to make MP3s. Hopefully I’ll have time some evening this week to sit outside and record the noises in my yard and make a YouTube slideshow with pictures and sounds of summer in Red Fork. I’ll have to be sure and record the ice-cream truck music….


On a quest

I went on a quest this evening to find a pair of Rockford Red Heel socks for making a sock monkey. I’d hoped they might be available locally (I seem to remember seeing them at a craft store not long ago), but I couldn’t find any at my usual haunts, so I finally gave up and ordered some online.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I have decided that it is simply wrong for Jamie to go through life without a sock monkey. I have also decided that it is simply wrong for me to go through life without a sock monkey. I intend to right this wrong as soon as my socks come in.

I think my fascination with sock monkeys started a few weeks ago, when I stumbled across the aftermath of Craftster.org’s sock monkey challenge.

Then I got online today and found these hilarious Halloween monkeys, and after that, it was all over for me — I can’t possibly survive much longer without making a sock monkey of my own.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have something else I need to be doing. Lots of somethings, in fact. But what I want to do is make sock monkeys.

I didn’t have the right kind of socks tonight, so I just worked late, laid out my section of the paper, and then came home and made stroganoff for dinner.

I know I still haven’t uploaded my cute Jamie photos from last weekend. I really am going to Photoshop them soon. Honest I am. I’ll have to do it before tomorrow night tonight, as I am heading to Sapulpa to take pictures for work and need to clear off my card before I go. Hopefully I can slip out of the office early enough to get that done….