Three miles

“We are all capable of more than we do.”
— Mary Baker Eddy

I got to the gym too late to catch a real, live human being on the premises (apparently the employees go home at 3 p.m. on Saturdays), so I gave up and put in three miles on the river trail. I’d already spent about an hour installing stepping stones in my backyard in the pouring rain, and I didn’t melt or anything, so I figured if the sky decided to open up again while I was on the trail (which it did), I could handle it. We’ll call the stepping-stone project cross-training, as it involved a lot of lifting.

I got a little over two miles’ worth of blue skies before the rain started. It actually felt kind of good, because it was 81 degrees when I started running, and the earlier rain had things pretty steamy out there. Maybe I’ll just suck it up and run in the rain for the rest of the summer. It’s only a problem if there’s lightning, which wasn’t the case today.

I saw a flock of Canada geese hanging out next to the river. They were pretty.

I’m supposed to be making potatoes and leeks and cleaning my office this evening, but I am procrastinating (as usual). I’d kind of like to spend my whole evening sitting on the couch with a stack of Sentinels, reading as many as I can so I can take them to the Reading Room and reclaim the end table next to my papasan chair, but I have a long list of other stuff that really needs to be done first. I probably ought to pick up some magazine files and at least get my magazines organized if I’m going to keep them around. I’m pretty sure I’ve read some of them three or four times, because I never seem to remember which stack is the “to read” pile and which stack is the “to drop off at the Reading Room” pile.

Ah, well. Guess I’ll dive into my umpteen projects and see how far I get before bedtime. I’ll post an update when I’ve accomplished something….


P.S.: On the training blog that I kept in 2005, I would close each post with a quote about running or perseverance or something like that. I think people actually liked the quotes more than they liked the blog itself. In the interest of keeping the tradition alive, I’m opening each of my training posts with a quote this time around.

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