Grateful monkey

I have no idea why I decided I needed a sock monkey with the head of a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear on it. I think we have established by this point that reason is seldom, if ever, a consideration in my creative outbursts. In any case, meet Owley:


Here’s a lightened-up closeup of his face so you can see the ears:


Getting that felt part to come out right was hard, but Owley turned out better than any of the monkeys I’ve made up to this point.

And here’s a closeup of the little monkey in his arms, which I made on my lunch hour yesterday, using a couple of fuzzy baby socks:


I was thinking it would be cool to attach monofilament to Owley’s arms and legs and turn him into a marionette so he could be a real Dancin’ Bear. 🙂

who obviously has way too much time on her hands lately …

2 thoughts on “Grateful monkey”

  1. Love your sock monkeys!!! Owley, CUTE! The little monkey from the baby socks is too cute for words! I just received a sock monkey in the mail (swap package) made from that exact pair of socks!

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