Monkey business


I made another sock monkey tonight. I wanted to give it to Jamie, but I ran into some problems as I was making it, and it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted. I have two more socks like these (I mixed and matched between two pairs), so I’ll just keep this one and make a sturdier, better constructed specimen for Jamie.


Despite its flaws, I still think it turned out pretty cute.


Here it is with my first monkey, a traditional Rockford Red Heel specimen.


In case you are wondering, Scout is no longer speaking to me. She did not like sharing her chair with that sock monkey one little bit. She looks awfully cute with the monkey’s arms around her, though….


3 thoughts on “Monkey business”

  1. Poor Scout, she looks like she’s thoroughly embarrassed in the first shot, and plotting her revenge in the second one.

  2. I’m just impressed that Scout let the monkey stay in one piece. The appealing combination of it being a stuffed toy AND made out of SOCKS(!!!) would’ve had my dogs decorating the house with stuffing and monkey innards in two seconds flat…

  3. The two magic words — “stay” and “mine” — kept her from attacking it. In the second picture, she is refusing to look at me because she’s mad, but I got her to look up for a few photos by saying “cookie,” which is her favorite word (and one she can’t resist).

    Don’t feel too sorry for her, though — after all, she did get to eat the scrappy bits off the chicken breast I had for dinner last night.

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